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How to Create Your Business Card (Basic)

Here is a quick rundown on how to quickly create your business cards.

Size. Ensure that your files are the right size.

Resolution. 300pixels/inch gives the optimum appearance for prints. To check, zoom your files up close at 150% magnification on your monitor. If it’s not blocky or pixelated, then you’re good to go.

Texts. Make sure that your text is at least 8-10pt. Making them small might look good on screen but not on print.

Borders. We don’t recommend using thin borders most especially in back to back prints. Due to a 2mm cutting allowance, thin borders can end up being slightly uneven. The thinner the borders, the more noticeable this imperfection will be.

Bleeds. Use full bleeds for photos, colors, and backgrounds that you want to be printed edge-to-edge to avoid white creeping edges. Don't add cropmarks and additional bleeds when exporting your files.

Inks & Colors. We do a digital toner based printing. This means we use small dots of inks, mixing & overlapping these dots at varying sizes & distances to create your design. Greys & light colors use fewer or smaller inks as the white paper is what lightens the color. As much as thin lines, light colors, and small letters look great on your monitor, this might not be the case on print. We suggest using thicker lines and deeper colors to get lovelier results.

Paper Usage. We recommend using natural and laminated paper options for designs that feature solid edge colors to minimize ink cracking.


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