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Printed on Matte Laminated 300gsm material with gold foil on one side of your card, and spot-gloss on one side or two sides of your card.

Add glossy and metallic details to your design.

Wow your customers with this feature-filled option.

Spot Gloss + Foil

Foil Finish
  • Specifications

    Size: 3.5"x2" US Standard size | 100pcs/pack

  • Important Information

    Minimum of 2 boxes per name.

    Layered artworks are required. Make sure that there are 3 layers.

     - One layer for the printed design.

     - Another for the spot element.

     - Last for the gold element.

  • Timeline

    7-12 business days after payment confirmation.

    Add 1-3 business days for delivery within Metro Manila.